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Buying a home



The process of home buying can be tricky. It is a step by step, tiresome, and lengthy process that can be costly if you do not know what to do. Luckily for you, this real estate guide for buying a home will help you understand the necessary steps on how to become the next homeowner. 


 [ ] Ready For Buying A Home?

As long as you can demonstrate two (2) years of consistent income, homeownership is right for you.  A good down payment could be from 0% – 30% of the home value depending on the loan.

You would need about 2-3 months from start to finish and contact us to see which option is best for you.

We have a group of professionals that can review your documents and advise you on the process of homeownership and financing. 


[ ] Get Pre-Approved

Firstly, most listing agents will not accept an offer (sometimes not even a showing) for their seller without a pre-approval letter. This is a really important step in buying your home.

Secondly, don’t lose the home because you did not have a pre-approval ready.

Thirdly, call a loan officer or your trusted lender. Getting pre-approved takes just a few minutes and it lets you know how much you can afford.

Check out this article about Mortgage 101 by Mike Boghos.


[ ] Research Before Buying

Find what highlights you would like in your home. “What school area do I prefer? What county should I live in? Should I get a 4 bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom home? How is the Real Estate Market in ? Do I want an HOA?”

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[ ] Contact Your Licensed Real Estate Blvd Agent

Get a knowledgeable licensed local agent that knows the area and it is right for you. Let the agency know as much detail as possible of the home you are looking for.

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. You can live chat, call, or email us here anytime to start this step or report an issue. 


[ ] Search For Homes And Setup Showing Times

You may be searching for “home buying process”, “real estate near me?”, or  “real estate for sale near me.” You can search for Florida homes with us here or directly from the MLS.

Tell your real estate agent what days you are available to see homes. Live chat, call or email us here anytime if you have questions about this process


[ ] Ask Your Agent For A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) 

Once you have found a good home, check to see if the home is at market value before submitting an offer. Ask your agent for a CMA before buying a home as it will let you understand what the market price is and how much you should offer.  


[ ] Submit An Offer With The Pre-Approval Letter

With the research from the CMA, sign and submit an offer with your pre-approval letter. Make a good offer as you might have other competitors that will want the same home. 


[ ] Offer Acceptance

In this step, the offer must be accepted by the seller to move forward in the process. It is a matter of waiting while they decide within all the offers they receive.


[ ] Wire Transfer Escrow Deposit 

Once the offer has been accepted, make sure to make your good faith deposit within the specified time. Secure your contract and do everything that is required by your part. 

Contact your real estate blvd agent and the escrow agent directly and ask for wire instructions. After that, check, double-check, and triple-check this information with the escrow agent to make sure the funds get transferred to the right account. 


[ ] Secure Loan Application And Documents

With the offer accepted, contact your loan officer or lender and finalize the paperwork required to continue your financing. If you are paying cash, you can skip this section. 


[ ] Recommended: Get A Licensed Inspector

When buying a home, it is recommended you hire and conduct an inspection in the home to find anything that might need repair. Sometimes things cannot be seen with the naked eye and this will be a good time to continue, back out of the sale, or ask the seller to make a few repairs before buying. 


[ ] Recommended/Required: Get A Licensed Property Appraiser  

Usually, the lender will require you to complete this step at your expense since you are financing. Lenders want to make sure the home is at the right price and most lenders will not support a purchase price above the appraised value.


[ ] Lock Your Home Rate With Lender  

With everything above completed, call your lender to lock in your rate. 


[ ] Shop For Homeowner’s Insurance

While the lender gets ready and prepares for the closing date, be sure to search for homeowner’s insurance to secure your next investment. Shop for the best coverage and not the least expensive premium as insurance can be very tricky.

Most insurance companies will protect your home from certain disasters but will limit certain items. 


[ ] Final Walkthrough 

Before buying a home on your closing day, make sure you pass by the home and conduct a final walkthrough with your agent.


[ ] Closing Day – Official Home Owner

Congratulations you have made it to the end in buying a home! At this stage, your lender will be sending the closing packet to the title company. The title company will prepare and balance the loan for closing.

In addition, you will have a scheduled time to close with your title agent and transfer the final funds before your arrival. 

Your lender will wire funds to the title company for the closing. Moreover, this will allow your title agent to properly balance the closing for all parties.

In summary, our goal is to make sure you have a smooth home buying process. We team up with the best professionals in town to help you accomplish the American dream. 





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